BANPU POWER ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Shareholders of the year 2017

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2017686.27 KB
0.Invitation Letter_2017495.58 KB
1.factual Details_Enc.1484.42 KB
2.Minutes of AGM 2016_Enc.2449.85 KB
4.Directors credentials 2017_Enc.4362.38 KB
5.Article of Association_Enc.5280.04 KB
6.Meeting Rules_Enc.6107.88 KB
7.Registration Form_Enc.7101.89 KB
8.Annual Report Requisition Form_Enc.859.36 KB
9.1 Proxy Form A_AGM 2017. Enc.9101.62 KB
9.2 Proxy Form B_AGM 2017. Enc.9296.15 KB
9.3 Proxy Form C_AGM 2017207.32 KB
10.Information of Director_AGM2017_Enc.1090.61 KB
11.(a)_Preliminary detail of (BPP-ESOP)_Enc.11280.71 KB
11.(b)_Capital Increase Form_F53-4_Enc.11292.58 KB
11.(c)_Information relating to BPP-ESOP_Enc.11610.93 KB
12.Map_2560_Enc.12351.45 KB