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Communities surrounding the power plant are the important stakeholders for the Company’s operation  because they have received both positive and negative impacts throughout the project. The community’s acceptance is a significant factor to measure the achievement and the project’s operation.
Establishing the community engagement’s procedures and community’s comments acceptance since the beginning of the project can therefore create information communication, understandings and good relationship between the project and communities. In addition, all information receiving from community engagement at the beginning stage of the project are collected and used for a project design, a decision making and possible impacts monitoring during the project’s operation.
The Company has collected all comments, resulting from the community engagement and recommendations, to improve its operations and to seek opportunities to work with the local community for a sustainable development. This is a key factor for establishing acceptance and good relationship throughout the project.
Time Period
Establishment of community engagement
Feasibility Study and Project Development
  • Identifying stakeholders who are directly and indirectly affected.
  • Preparing thorough community database.
  • Analyzing significance of stakeholders, community’s needs and concerns for further project design.
  • Analyzing the project’s possible impacts for further design and providing appropriate preventive and corrective measures, focusing on environmental management.
Project operation
  • Establishing a tripartite committee to provide opinions and examine the project efficiency.
  • Analyzing and correcting all complaints as well as preventing recurrences.
  • Conducting community development activities responding to the local’s true needs and allowing community members to participate in running activities to level up their living. For instance, a participation in   infrastructure and utilities development, traditional and occupational promotion and educational development.
  • Establish a communication channel to receive the community complaints such as community relations activities, community visits, websites and other social media.
  • Collaborating  with business partners, traders and customers for building community engagement such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities


Community Development Policy

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