การจัดการ ด้านสิ่งแวดล้อม At Banpu, we not only recognize that our business operations impact on the environment, but also believe that a positive attitude towards environmental management benefits all. The Company is committed to taking an environmentally responsible approach to all our business activities. In this respect, we work towards 3 principles:-
  • Conserving natural resources,
  • Minimizing negative impact and,
  • Enhancing the environmental quality whenever reasonably practicable.
In pursuing this commitment, Banpu Power ensures:
  • 100% compliance,
    We fully comply with all relevant current environmental legislation and company standards as well as monitor developments and prepare ourselves for potential changes. 
  • Management of environmental impacts,
    We perform environmental impact assessment for all operational activities and take all practical steps to prevent negative impact.
  • Conservation of resources,
    We manage resources efficiently.
  • Ensure the continual improvement.
    We provide continuing resources to develop and maintain the environmental management system with the aim of continually improving our environmental performances.
It is the company requirement that,
  • Management in all levels must be held accountable and take leadership in deploying this policy.
  • Every employee must be made aware of, promote and implement this policy.
  • Every employee is expected to extend the awareness and recognition of this policy to partners, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, customers and the communities in which Banpu works.


Environment Policy

Water Policy

Climate Change Policy


Climate Change

Climate change is the critical global challenge that leads to risks  of serious damage to global prosperity, sustainable development and well being of the society. It is requiring all parts of society to take extensive actions.

Banpu aware needs of urgent actions to keep the increasing temperature to be below 2 oC by 2050. We aim to be a part of the solutions and support global agreement on climate change. The challenges and opportunities from climate change are the integral part of our sustainable development. We commit to

  • Ensure our compliance related to climate change in every country we operate.
  • Seek to reduce our greenhouse gas emission by ensuring energy efficiency, utilization of low emission and cost effective technologies as a part of our operation planning.
  • Measure our greenhouse gas directly and indirectly, reduction progress and periodically communicate the results to stakeholders.
  • Build capacity to understand fully the implications of climate change for our business and to develop a coherent business strategy.
  • Monitor risks, opportunities and implications of climate change as our corporate-wide risk management process.
  • Invest and plan for business continuity regarding climate change.
  • Support our host communities and stakeholders for adapting to a changing climate.
Low-Carbon Society
  • Drive sustainable growth of the company with effective response to climate change and transition of future business investment portfolio.
  • Seek to develop our capacity and invest in low carbon or renewable energy.
  • Continue to support initiatives, research and development of low greenhouse gas emission technologies and renewable energy that are appropriate to our business.
  • Seek to engage with other enterprises or stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions.
Climate Change Policy was announced and initiated throughout the organization. The 2016 - 2020 reduction target was set up, base on 2012 as the base year,  Banpu aims for 
  • 15% reduction of greenhouse gas  intensity from base year 2012 by 2020
  • A proportion of renewable energy production capacity is not less than 20% by 2025