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The Company has considered the workplace safety as the utmost target for operations since unsafely working may cause losses of life and assets as well as have an effect to the environment and employee’s health.  The Company, therefore, has placed great importance on building a safety working environment, providing knowledge, creating awareness and participation from all parties involved.
The safety workplace environment is counted as the human rights of which employees, contractors and those working in the area should get sufficiently and equally.  In addition, promoting employee participation in expressing their opinions to improve their workplace environment will finally help in creating their contribution, encouragement, and engagement with the Company.
Management Approach
The Company focuses on cultivating/ formulating the safety culture within the organization with the “3 ZEROs” target as followings: 
  1. Zero Incidents: There is no incident by preventing and correcting unsafe behaviors and working conditions.
  2. Zero Repeat: There is no recurrence by investigating for the real cause and correcting a mistake at its root cause as well as informing employees to prevent a recurrence of such incident.
  3. Zero Compromise - Do not ignore compliance with rules, regulations, and safety practice standards.
To achieve the above targets, the Company has managed safety in the following areas:
  • Taking full responsibility and accountability on OHS
The management ranging from the top to operational levels has a commitment and responsibility to create safety workplace environment.  The process starts with construction designs to operations as well as a collection of unsafe working environment and behaviors.  The determination of short-and long-term safety goals demonstrates the Company’s good leadership in safety.          
  • Complying with Laws and Regulations as well as Company’s Safety Standards
The Company is committed to strictly complying with laws and best practices on safety as well as regularly reviewing the legal compliance. 
  • Safety Related Risks Management
The Company has assessed OHS risks in all areas where it has operations.  Hence, all business units have measures to prevent and reduce safety related risks appropriately.  The high possibility and severe risks are promptly mitigated within the acceptable level.  
  • Creating Safety Culture
The Company has given great values on promoting and cultivating safety culture in all areas where its employees and contractors are working.  The safety behavior has been valued by integrating into “care” corporate culture.  Additionally, the employees and contractors are encouraged to give warning to each other if seeing unsafe working behaviors. 
  • Ensuring Employees Have Sufficient OHS Knowledge and Skills
The Company has always provided OHS knowledge to its employees and contractors so as to ensure that they have sufficient safety capabilities and continuously review their knowledge related to OHS.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy