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Banpu Power Public Company Limited or Banpu Power (BPP) was established in 1996 as a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited – an energy leader in the Asia Pacific region. With its ability to build on operational performance through the Banpu Group’s substantial strength and rich experience in management, and a Group management team with extensive expertise in the power business, Banpu Power has accomplished continuous growth and competency development in the investment and management of its power businesses. To establish trustworthiness in sustainable power generation, the Company has always focused on research and innovation to drive production efficiency, while utilizing advanced technologies that are safe and environmentally friendly (High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions : HELE). In addition, it emphasizes the development of Energy Solutions in order to enhance future energy security while striving to become a power industry leader at the regional level.
Over more than two decades of consistent growth and development, Banpu Power has invested in various types of power-generation – both conventional and renewable. The Company is currently pioneering private-owned power plants across Asia, with its assets located in many high-potential energy markets. The goal is to increase its equity-based power generation capacity from 1,883 megawatts-equivalent (MWe) to 4,300 megawatts-equivalent (MWe) in total, by 2025.